Lauren Saint-Onge is a professional illustrator and concept artist located in Boston Massachusetts. She currently works as a full time artist at Harmonix Music Systems and as a freelance illustrator.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bull's Bridge

Bull's Bridge, work in progress

Washington falls through Bull's Bridge (Kent, CT.) on his way to meet Rochambeau. This is shortly after the discovery of Benedict Arnold's betrayal at West Point.

The point of the illustration is to show one of our most stoic historical figures, entirely out of his element.  An expression of frustration, fluster, lack of patience, and a general crossness. 

Reference is from Washington: The Indispensable Man. This is however, the only biography and record I can currently find including the incident.  There is no footnoting and the bibliography is too vast to search through at this point.  There is a road accident mentioned by Lafayette, but is inconclusive.  Hamilton doesn't care enough to mention any of their journey, unless he has a hissy fit.

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